We Provide Wide Area Software Applications to the Universe

At Unisun, we undertake custom web development for each project we service with your current needs as well as your future business plans in mind. By choosing to build your website with us, you are also choosing a site built on a foundation of scalable, usable and adaptable technology.

Inventory Management System

IMS is a high-performance warehouse management software for the active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources in the warehouse. Thanks to its unrivaled configurability,IMS can be tailored to work within your existing and future processes. It’s designed to grow alongside your business if and when your requirements change. It is easy to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) and all major technology platforms.

  • All industries
  • Scalable and configurable
  • Multi-client and enterprise ready

Visitor Management System

Vizitor welcomes your customers with automated check in and discards the use of paperwork.

  • Check in unlimited visitors
  • Customized brand logo
  • Ease of use
  • Safe and secure
  • Value for money
  • Capture visitor photos for badge printing

Library Management System

A library management software where admin can add/view/delete librarian and librarian can add/view books, issue, view issued books and return books.

  • Can add/view books
  • Can issue books
  • View issued books
  • Return Books
  • Can logout